Wilson Academy Online strives to provide quality instruction through best practice method and high quality curriculum. This includes, but is not limited, to material sourced from third party companies as well as teacher-developed material. When possible curriculum has been customized to align with our mission statement, core beliefs, and apostolic doctrine.

Online Campus:

6th – 12th:

Dual Credit Option

Wilson Academy is excited to announce a partnership with Wilson College. This is an incredible opportunity that allows our students access to dual credit options. Through this partnership, students enrolled in their senior year are eligible to complete the Apostolic Foundations Certificate, a requirement to participate in Hope Corps.

Through this partnership, our students:

  • Graduate high school with college credits that can be applied toward an Associate or Bachelor’s degree at Wilson.
  • Receive additional academic support to help with time management, advising and monitoring.
  • Have their schedules optimized for greater success in both programs.
  • Get assistance with paperwork and registration.

Please contact us for more details.